Tribes & traditions

One third of the state’s population supports tribes whose basic source of living is agriculture. Bastar is known all over the world for its unique and picturesque tribal heritage. Bastar Dassera is the traditional celebration of gaiety and frivolity of the tribes. There are several popular tribes here but the prominent ones are Gond, Uranv, Kanver, Kamar, Baiga, Halba, Korva, Pando, Birhi, Binjhwar.

Prominent festivals that are observed in the state are Navakhani, Ganga Dushhara, Sarhul Chherka, Dushara, Dipawali, Kartika and Hareili.

Birth place of Saint Vallabhacharya Champaran is also considered a holy place for Gujarati community. Festivals like Dusshera at Bastar, Madai at Dantewada and Narainpur, Bhoramdeo, Raut Nacha, Chakradhar Samaroh and Rajim are added celebrations. The place also harbours many religious sects like Satnami Panth, Kabir Panth, Ramnami Samaj etc.